Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Out of my league

So the 2013-14 Choral Season has begun.   I am only involved in one Christmas concert this season which will be John Rutter's Magnificat with the church choir. 
Besides this I am now a member of a women's quartet!  This is not like choral singing at all.  For one thing there are four lines of music and only four singers which means no one else is singing my line except me!  This means I have to pay much more attention to notes, dynamics, and most of all breathing spots.  I am somewhat out of my league in this little group.  The Soprano is a beautiful soloist who gets paid to sing solos for various productions, the second soprano is a woman who also gets paid to sing Jazz etc and has gigs all over the city and has a wonderful CD out.  She is also a brilliant arranger!    The second alto sang solo at my wedding and has often performed the solo alto roles in church.  She also has been the lead singer in a fun German band.  Then there is the first alto - Yours Truly.  Oh brother!  So totally out of my league and thankfully I am singing a musical line that can mostly hide amongst the other three. 
We have sung in church twice and have two paid gigs coming down the pipe.  CRAZY!  We only have 4 songs in our repertoire at the moment as 4-part female arrangements of songs we want to sing are not that common and the brilliant arranger among us can't be arranging 24/7. 
So although not a choir, I may post updates on this quartet periodically on this blog.  We need a name!  We are known as The Schmucke Madchen (The Pretty Girls) amongst ourselves mostly because we like to roll low-german words around our tongues.  So - looking for name suggestions that are perhaps more fitting for 4 women of a certain age.


  1. That sounds awesome Lori! I'd love to hear your group sing some time! I bet it's fantastic. :)

  2. Thanks Shannon. I will let you know if we ever tour Ottawa. : )

  3. are you still die Schmucke Mädchen? I like the picture you posted. When is this group singing again? Sorry I thought I had posted comments, guess I just kept them to myself, like my readers do. btw I really do like that profile photo not just because you are a Schmucke Maedel but I like the background the holding of the music und und und.... it also fits well with the blog background, look at that!

  4. I love that name! I had a few guy friends in high school who were in a quartet and they called themselves the A cafellas, as in fellas that sing a capella. :-) Good luck with your performance, and don't hide your voice too much, let it shine!

  5. hi Jane - thanks for your comment! I must visit here more often as I only saw this today. Love the name of the male quartet!