Friday, July 19, 2013

Little Singing but still Listening

Here I am at another summer break in the choral season.  My soul longs to be meeting with a choir regularly to rehearse and perfect something together.  Regular choir rehearsals keep me contained somehow and I am at a bit of a loss without them.    For now I have to be content  with looking ahead to the 2013/14 season when  I am hoping to be part of the following presentations:

Larissa's Requiem - Silvestrov - for the WSO New Music Festival
 John of Damascus - Taneyev
Mass - Mozart
Magnificat - Rutter
Requiem - Verdi

Most of these are new to me, save for the Rutter and Verdi so I will spend some time this summer playing the others on You Tube so I can get some of it in my ear.  Since I am not much of a musician I cannot play much on the piano for myself as then I have to play the right note at the right time which is really all too much to ask.

You may ask how such a non-musician sings in these choirs and I must ask that you not tell any of my conductors how pathetic I am.  I guess I am in by pure luck.  I have passed an audition or two but I guess they did not put much weight on the sight reading category.  I feel so lucky to be able to sing these great work with such fantastic musicians.  To keep myself in the game I seem to have to practice at home more than the average so at least I can do some of that in the summer, even if it mostly involves listening, and pathetically little singing. 

When rehearsals resume my voice will be out of shape but my desire will be strong!