Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer; A Choral Dry Season

What does a addicted choral singer like myself do during the dry season?
The first thing I do is suffer withdrawal symptoms.  This usually involves feeling jittery and anchor less.  This can often be solved by a good Cabernet Sauvignon.  It is difficult to not have any rehearsing to do.  Sometimes I solve this by fantasizing that Daniel Barenboim may call me up to do solo work for him next season and I work through the alto solo pieces in Bach, by singing loudly with my recordings, just to be ready for him.  I can fantasize this prior to any wine being  consumed. 

Now that the summer is in its last stages I can permit myself to look ahead.  I have not been informed of the works we will perform in church choir but I do know that Brahms Requiem is on the menu for the upcoming Symphony season and this is sure to soothe any anxiety one may have.  Is there anything more comforting?  Brahms is the first full work I ever performed.  I was a young university student and singing with the Winnipeg Symphony, and I was hooked on this piece. 

It is now safe to look ahead and know that soon rehearsals will envelop and hold me.